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Annie's Garden of Fresh Greens

Welcome to our products page! Unfortunately, we do not sell our products online. However, you are most welcome to reach out to us through our contacts if you are interested in ordering ahead!

Our purpose for this page is to show our customers our products and what to expect! We sell all our products at the Lakes Area Farmers Market located at Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and also at the Crookston Farmers Market located at Crookston, Minnesota. We are a local produce located at McIntosh, Minnesota! We sell fruits, vegetables, baked goods, frozen meats, and even doll clothes!

Annie's Fruits and Vegetables

Annie always bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the market, she always picks them the night before or even the morning before she leaves for the market! It is guaranteed fresh and organic!

Annie's Fresh Baked Goods

Our baked goods at the market are always fresh and good! Annie and her sister Charlotte bakes all the goods that we bring to the market, and they always bake it the night before the market so that it is fresh for the market!

Annie's Canned Goods

Annie always keeps herself busy by canning and pickling the leftover vegetables from the market! We are trying to limit the waste of leftover vegetable therefore we maximize our products by putting them in jars and preserving them!

Annie's Frozen Meats

Annie's husband, Calvin, takes good care of the animals that live in their farm. They raise beef cows and chickens for eggs and for butchering as well! Always look out for Annie's Pork Kebabs and Veggie Eggroll!

Dozen Eggs.jpeg
Annie's Egg Products

Annie brings in fresh free-ranged eggs to the market! Whenever there are leftover eggs, she makes egg noodles out of them so they don't go to waste! She also brings eggs to other people's business stores for them to sell as well! If you want to order a lot of eggs, contact us and let us know!

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