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"Ampalaya" aka Stir Fried Bitter-melon

You may have heard about this vegetable & yes, it is a vegetable! Don't be fooled by the name. You may have seen or heard it from Annie's Garden as she sells this in Detroit Lakes Farmers Market. This vegetable is known to be packed with nutrients and vitamins that are good for your health (you might say, well isn't that the case for most of vegetables anyways?) Yes! But Ampalaya, bitter-melon, bitter gourd, momordica or however one may know it is known for its medicinal benefits. It helps balance a person's blood pressure and has health benefits to people who are diabetic.

It is called "bitter" melon for a reason as it has a bitter aftertaste. Annie & her side of the family are born and raised from the Philippines which is a country from the Southeast Asia. "Ampalaya" is a very well-known vegetable over there and is cooked as a stir fry paired with often white rice.

Other countries serve this in a soup or dries it to use for herbal tea.

Here is a recipe from the internet on how to make stir fried bitter-melon:

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