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Annie's Garden of Fresh Greens

Annie's Garden is a small local farm located at McIntosh, Minnesota. It is owned by Calvin & Anne Schow, as we like to call her, Annie, she started this business about 10 years ago and she has been doing it every year since then. She goes to Farmers Market weekly during the summertime and sells fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, canned goods, eggs, and frozen meats! Come by and visit us!



The workers of Annie's Garden

Annie's family works hard to make sure that the fruits and vegetables are always fresh and healthy before taking it to the market! Here are the hard-working people at Annie's Garden.


Annie's Garden Videos

We have composed a few videos of our own to showcase what our garden looks like, and what the Farmers Market looks like!

Farmers Market 2021
Baking 2021
Farmers Market 2020
Birds Eye View
Farmers Market 2020
Our Garden at Spring Time 2021
Annie's Garden

Annie's Garden Gallery

If you want to look at Annie's Garden, we have posted a few pictures in a gallery for you to see! Come check it out.